About Citrus CBD

Citrus CBD - a company of botanically-derived all-natural CBD Products - was founded in 2018 in Portland, OR. We are proud to supply CBD Products that are not only THC-Free but pure of any contaminants that concern the hemp and cannabis market today.

We at Citrus CBD have followed the trend of CBD in the Cannabis Industry both with trust in what CBD can do for consumers, but also with caution. With growing concerns around quality and sourcing of hemp and cannabis- based CBD products, we saw a need to provide consumers with a better alternative.  

Our CBD is a bioidentical molecule derived by a team of chemists. We produce our CBD by introducing a lichen found on an invasive evergreen species of South Asia with citrus peel. Then using a proprietary scientific process of exact time, pressure and heat we isolate a pure CBD molecule that consistently tests at 99.7%-99.9% pure CBD.

Because Citrus CBD is not derived from cannabis or hemp, it is THC-free making it legal worldwide and more accessible for consumers.

Our Mission and Values

Citrus CBD was founded to provide consumers with botanically-derived all-natural supplements to restore balance in the body and increase quality of life. By using a proprietary non-hemp or cannabis CBD, all Citrus CBD products are legally available online and over-the-counter and in all 50 states

Our mission is to supply consumers with a CBD product that upholds the values of Trusted Purity, Reliable Sourcing and Consistent Results from product to product. With Citrus CBD you can be assured that CBD is the only thing in your product:

- No pesticides

- No THC

- No heavy metals

- No GMO’s.

We test our products with third-party lab tests and we follow good manufacturing procedures in an FDA approved facility.

Where You Can Find Us:

Because of our non-hemp sourced CBD, Citrus CBD’s products are legal world-wide and available for purchase at citruscbdonline.com

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