October 19

Citrus CBD Update⁠—New Seasons, International Interest, Domestic Expansion, and New Products!


As always, things are changing rapidly in the world of CBD. It’s looking increasingly likely that we may see a comprehensive cannabis reform package pass Congress within the next two years, and the US hemp industry is booming like never before.

At the same time, however, the detractors of hemp-based CBD are becoming more apparent. This plant’s unsettling power as a bioaccumulator is coming to light, and the details are shocking. Cannabis sativa’s thirsty roots suck up practically everything they come into contact with, and once it’s inside your cannabis, it’s essentially impossible to get out.

As the world’s premier non-hemp alternative to CBD-rich hemp oil, Citrus CBD is finally getting some well-deserved attention, and our small Portland company is rapidly getting a name for itself around the world. When I first met the Citrus CBD team back in July, I was told about some opportunities in the works that would exponentially expand the reach of this brand’s unique CBD products. I never would’ve expected, however, that it would all happen so quickly.

Visit your local New Seasons location for great deals on Citrus CBD products

Our budding partnership with New Seasons

New Seasons is a regional chain of natural food stores with locations in Oregon and California. This prestigious natural health organization now carries our flagship transdermal CBD patches in each of its more than 20 locations, and initial reports from customers indicate that our patches are the most popular CBD products on New Seasons shelves.

As part of our ongoing customer education initiatives, we have strongly encouraged New Seasons staff to direct their customers to our webpage. If you’ve come across a Citrus CBD product at a New Seasons store and you’d like to learn more, you’ve come to the right place.

We are proud of our partnership with New Seasons, and we want to support our boots on the ground as much as possible. Stay tuned to our blog and follow Citrus CBD on social media to find out when our team will be in your area to perform a demo at your local New Seasons store. While you’re there, check out some of the other amazing natural products that are offered at every New Seasons location.

Say “moshi moshi” to Citrus CBD, Japanese vending machines

International opportunities on the horizon

Around the world, most people would look at our cannabis laws and count us as lucky. While there is still a long way to go until CBD and the other beneficial constituents of the hemp plant get the recognition they truly deserve, possession of anything even remotely related to marijuana often earns you life imprisonment or even death in many parts of the globe.

Nowhere is this pain more keenly felt than in East Asian countries. People in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea love American culture just as much as we do, and everything that Americans have, Asians generally want.

That’s why the status of cannabis law in most Asian countries is so tragic. Even if it doesn’t contain any THC, if that hemp flower in your pocket smells like weed, you might find yourself in the darkest sanctum of a totalitarian gulag in ten seconds flat.

People in East Asian countries are desperate for CBD products that they can actually sell and use within their restrictive legal frameworks. We’re excited to say that Citrus CBD has recently been approached by Asian partners interested in international distribution. Our little brand is growing fast, and it’s all thanks to the incredible power of citrus-derived CBD.

Expect to see Citrus CBD a lot more places

Asian partnerships aren’t the only opportunities on the horizon for Citrus CBD. A variety of major retailers in the United States have also expressed interest in offering our products, and negotiations are in the works. Even though cannabis law is far less restrictive in the United States than it is abroad, many companies want to move away from the hemp industry since it’s seen as volatile.

That’s how we got our start at New Seasons. Like many other regional chains, New Seasons wanted to insulate itself against the uncertainties of the domestic hemp industry, which is certainly wise. You never know what might happen with hemp-derived CBD, and while great strides have been taken toward domestic, organic hemp agriculture, some companies still use low-grade hemp from China to make their CBD products. Consumers have learned to distrust the CBD industry for good reason, and here at Citrus CBD, we are the antidote to your disillusionment.

New products coming soon!

We’ve been teasing a new line of products for a while now, and we’re pleased to announce that our Entourage Patch, oral capsules, and a few other products are almost ready for release. Soon, there will be even more that you can do with molecularly reconstructed cannabinoids, and here at Citrus CBD, we’ll never stop innovating the citrus-derived cannabidiol solutions the world so desperately needs.


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How Do You Get CBD from Citrus?
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