​All of the benefits of CBD without the concern...

​Citrus CBD is a unique, first-to-market non-hemp/cannabis derived daily supplement. CBD is one of the healing compounds commonly found in Hemp and Cannabis. However Citrus CBD is a pure molecular CBD derived from ​the bark of an invasive evergreen tree ​combined with citrus peels in a proprietary scientific process. ​Always THC and pesticide free.​ The product supply chain is not subject to the issues that plague the Hemp and Cannabis markets.

Why non hemp CBD?

Our products contain no controlled substances whatsoever, and since it's free of any psychoactive ingredients; it can be used strictly for medicinal purposes. Unlike hemp based CBD; Citrus CBD has the exact same purity, quality and dosage in every gelcap, alleviating any issues with having to take more or less based on need. This also allows us to completely control the source of our ingredients, guaranteeing a safe an effective product we're proud to share with you.

The alternative is Hemp-Based CBD:

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    ​Other products have questionable legality 
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    ​Hemp based CBD is derived from a crop of uneven quality
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    Many Cannabis products contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals

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Our Products

citrus CBD DAILY - $49.00

30 Vegetable Caps - 15mg each of pure CBD derived from Lichen and Citrus.

Derived from the bark of an invasive species of evergreen tree combined with citrus peels, Citrus CBD is completely GMO, and pesticide free, and since it contains not even a trace of actual cannabis, it is a completely legal and consistent source of Cannabidiol or CBD.  Plant-derived CBD is a phytocannabinoid that interacts with the endocannabinoid system, this is the system responsible for pain sensation, memory, mood, and appitite just to name a few. CBD has a been shown in multiple studies to be effective in treating a myriad of illnesses and ailments.

​We want you to feel comfortable trying our product and we're confident you'll love it! If you're dissatisfied for any reason, simply contact us for detailed instructions to return the unused product for a full refund, no questions asked.